Legacy- The “Believe In Yourself” Movement

Legacy’s mission is more than just designing fashionable trendy shoes; we’re fostering a movement that will help inspire the next generation of women to accept and love themselves. Imagine a world where girls and women can believe in themselves and follow their dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed –its possible, if we do it together! Join The “Believe In Yourself” Movement and let’s make it happen.


Our Vision For A Better Tomorrow


We are here to encourage the next generation of women to tear down the walls of self-doubt while building up a positive self-image. This movement can only be successfully accomplished by building a powerful platform that will empower teen girls and young women to connect, share experiences, and build positive ties with more and more girls throughout the world. This, in turn, builds a positive momentum and over time, changes the mentality of how girls perceive themselves and the world around them.


Stopping The Impact of Negative Self-Doubt


Legacy believes that empowering girls with a healthy sense of self-worth, self-respect and purpose will help prevent many negative risk factors associated with girls and self-image. Simply put, we believe if negative self-image can be prevented, it can be STOPPED.


That’s why the “Believe In Yourself” Movement exists – to empower teen girls and young women through fun, creative awareness programs. If we work together, these programs will help inspire girls, near and far to connect while sharing a life-changing experience and building positive self-image. Join The “Believe In Yourself” Movement today and start making the world a better place to live. Join now!







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