Legacy: Our Story

 Legacy mission is more than just designing fashionable image-positive shoes. We’re fostering a national rally that will help inspire teen girls and young women to accept and love themselves. Join the Movement, “Believe In Yourself” as we help reshape the minds of the next female generation. Our team is passionate about developing new and innovative ways to help tear down the walls of self-doubt while building positive self-image.


Legacy’s CEO, Antoinette Johnson, is on a mission- helping to empower the next generation of women to make wise choices while developing a positive self-image. As a mother, Antoinette was passionate about helping her teen daughter Raven battle through the many negative messages that hindered her from becoming the women she was meant to be. There is nothing like a mother’s relentless love for her daughter. A mother will travel the world near and far to save her troubled teen, and Antoinette did just that.


Antoinette says: “At the age of 17, my daughter Raven was facing a battle within herself, she begin to doubt everything about herself in an unhealthy way. She would constantly say, “I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart like my friends, I’m too fat” and on and on. What’s a mom to do? I begin posting inspiring, positive self-image quotes on sticky notes and placed them everywhere - on the mirrors and walls through out the house. Soon, I tried to add a little more creativity to my plan and start placing the inspiring sticky notes inside the insole of her sneaker shoes.” Suddenly, a light bulb went off and Legacy Shoes were discovered.


I believe every girl deserves to start her day’s journey off with positive thoughts about herself. Our team is on a mission to design fashionable, image-positive shoes that will inspire the next generation of women to accept and love themselves - helping them tear down the walls of self-doubt while building up a strong positive self-image.


Legacy - “Believe In Yourself” Collection


Our stylish “Believe In Yourself” Collection is here to help inspire teen girls and young women to be the very best version of themselves. Our team is devoted to creating the latest trendy slip-on shoes while empowering beautiful young minds, one sole at a time. We specialize in keeping Legacy’s brand fun and uplifting by putting a positive spin on the latest fashion trend for the stylish, young at heart.


Legacy - The Next Frontier in Trendy Shoes with a Positive Image.


How are our shoes different? Simply put, we are a brand that’s encouraging teen girls and young women to celebrate their own uniqueness by printing our inspiring slogan “Born to Be-You-Tiful” on the bottom of each pink shoe sole. At Legacy, we aim to leave a lasting, positive imprint on the hearts and minds of teen girls and young women who are passionate about embracing their own beauty. Our stylish shoe features are unique and will certainly make our brand standout from the rest of the industry.


Need a little uplifting? Look no further. Our shoes with a meaning have a beautiful quote printed on the insole of each shoe style, representing the power of feeling beautiful from the inside out. Feminine, sassy, and confident, our stylish, trendy slip-on sneakers are sure to get some eye-catching attention and will be the crowning glory for any outfit day and night and all year long.


It's time to get shopping and help support our “Believe In Yourself” Movement!


Legacy is making its debut online fall 2015 with its first collection “Believe In Yourself”.

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